How to repair an interior door yourself?

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How to repair an interior door? This problem often arises. Experts say that in a year or two after their installation, it is advisable to check whether there are scratches, whether the door handle is not swayed, whether you need to tighten the screws or just lubricate the hinges. The need for repair does not always depend on the quality of doors, we just use them constantly — so it is useful for every owner to know how to make such repairs himself.

The most common defect is sagging doors, which will make them close poorly, as well as various scratches and cracks appear on the doors or the veneer peels off, spots may occur or the color fades. Over time, the doors may crumble, this sometimes creates a gap between the box and the wall, and in some cases it will be necessary to replace the door leaf. If the door defects are not caused by serious damage, the problem of repairing them can in principle be solved yourself.

For a small repair of doors, sometimes it is enough just to tighten the hinges. Cracks and scratches can also be removed or simply varnished, re-painted, pasted with film, Wallpaper, decorated with fabric, or you can at the site of damage, for example, cut color or frosted glass. If there is a lot of damage — you will need to replace the canvas — it is also quite realistic to do it yourself. There are a great many ways to repair such doors with your own hands — you just need to be creative.


There are various ways to update the doors — to figure out how best to repair them, it is advisable, first of all, to assess how they fit into the interior of the apartment and, depending on this, decide whether to paint them with paint or Wallpaper, for example, "under the tree" or apply some stencil pattern.

Another way to update the doors is to apply drawings on them using stencils, which can be purchased in specialty stores or cut yourself with scissors. You can also order various stickers ready-made or according to your sketch in agencies that deal with outdoor advertising. The main advantage of this method of decoration is the ability to update the door whenever you want. 


To update the doors made of MDF, sometimes it is enough to wash them, and then apply a Polish, after which it is desirable to cover with furniture varnish. In addition, using PVA glue or screws, you can attach the pad to them.


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